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On-Campus Team Wins Time-of-Possession Battle, but Off-Campus Wins Game

Participants in Thursday's Homecoming Flag Football game assemble for a group photo under the Athletic Field lights. (Photo provided by Jeremy Bottorf, intramural assistant)The On-Campus Flag Football Team controlled the ball for the entire first quarter of Thursday’s game against its Off-Campus challengers, thanks to quality play-calling by quarterback Benaiah Tucci. Tucci then passed for a touchdown to start the second quarter before the clock could even start, giving the On-Campus team an early 7-0 lead. That was all of the team’s scoring, however, as the Off-Campus rivals scored on four of their next five possessions.

Gavin Mock had a key run on the ensuing drive and Craig Flint connected on a touchdown pass to Ben Vincent to tie the game at 7-7. The On-Campus team drove downfield on its next drive and looked like it would regain the lead, but the Off-Campus defense pressured Tucci. Mikol McKeon was there to pick off Tucci’s pass to set up the Off-Campus offense. Flint threw a touchdown pass to Joe Simon, making the score 14-7 at the half.

The Off-Campus team picked up where it left off in the third quarter, as Flint sneaked around the right end to make the score 21-7. The Off-Campus team took six and a half minutes off the game clock on a conservative drive. The On-Campus team was not going down without a fight and continued to move the ball, but Tucci again was picked off by Vincent. The Off-Campus team scored yet again and the game ended with the Off-Campus team winning 28-7.

The On-Campus team was coached by Brian Johnson, director of residence life and the squad’s backup quarterback. Players on the On-Campus team were Ryan Bellis, Stephen Bradley, Kevin Brookhart, Zach Comfort, Brandon DeHaas, Anthony Fanelli, Frank Giovnazzo, Anthony Grubbs, Michael Haley, Joshua Jurewicz, Alonso Marchinski, Kevin Minello, Corvin Oberholtzer, Carlos Quinones, Joshua Sealer, James Sims, Scott Smith, Scott Snyder, Kyle Stuart, Tucci, Taylor Vandergrift, Josh Wilson, Gary Pashinski, Shay Stadts and others who were added the day of the game.

The Off-Campus team was coached by Jeremy R. Bottorf, intramural assistant, who also supplied this game summary. The players for the Off-Campus team were Flint, Donnie Stevenson, Brock Bonanno, Mock, Simon, Ty Holland, Jon Boob, Brandon Sauers, Rickey Lesher, Greg Solyak, Josh Bengel, Vincent, Brian Brown, McKeon and Jake Smerekar. The On-Campus team already has asked for a rematch. Thank you to Brian Bowers for running the clock, and to Jeff Faherty and Russell Blankenship for working the chains.

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