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On-Campus Team Wins Inaugural ‘Powder Puff Football’ Game

Opponents face off at the line of scrimmage during Sunday night's 'Powder Puff Football' game.Despite a late run in its Powder Puff Football game against on-campus opponents, a team of female off-campus students came up short and lost the inaugural battle by a 16-14 score Sunday night.

According to a recap by Jeremy Bottorf, Field House/Fitness Center assistant, the game started with the on-campus team driving down field and scoring first for an early 7-0 lead. The off-campus team came right back and tied the score on its first possession, as well.

The on-campus team sets its offense in motion.Soon the battle for field position was won by the on-campus team as it forced a safefy and scored another touchdown to go ahead 16-7. Off-campus refused to give up and scored late in the fourth quarter to pull within two, but on-campus ran out the clock and the game ended in the 16-14 tally.

The on-campus team got touchdowns from Kim Carbaugh and Katie Cherney; off-campus got touchdowns from Natalie Plavi and Brittany Blessard.

Bottorf thanks everyone for their help with the event.

“Without the girls and without the guys who volunteered to help out the game would not have been successful,” he said.

Photos by Phillip C. Warner, student writer/photographer

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