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On-Campus Team Grabs Go-Ahead ‘Powder Puff’ Victory

The eventual victors break huddle Running for 'daylight' under the evening sky Putting on a 'game face' Reaching for the handoff Scrapping at the scrimmage lineTwice delayed by rain, the annual Powder Puff Football game between On- and Off-Campus women finally was played Tuesday night. Off-Campus struck early, as Jess Foutz connected with Jackie Smith on a touchdown pass to go ahead 7-0. After an On-Campus punt, Amanda Reedy intercepted a Foutz pass to get the ball back. The last play of the first quarter saw Michelle Goodling throw a touchdown pass to Angela Stiles and tie the score at 7-7. The Off-Campus team went three and out to start the second quarter and held On-Campus on a key fourth down, but Off-Campus couldn’t move the ball, either. Goodling then delivered a beautiful pass to Grace Guckin to put On-Campus up 14-7 in the second quarter. On the very next attempt, Stiles intercepted an Off-Campus pass to give the On-Campus team momentum as well as the halftime lead. No scoring took place in the third quarter; both teams moved the ball downfield, but all drives eventually stalled. Amanda Allanah had some key runs to wear down the clock in the fourth quarter and give the On-Campus squad a 14-7 victory … and a 5-4 edge in the series. The winning team, coached by Tyler Kline and Rob Aumiller, consisted of Foutz, Smith, Ashley Beatty, Ashley Lombard, Sarah Daugherty, Fallon Bond, Kiersten Totten, Cricket Eastabrook, Meghan Rohrbaugh, Jess Houser, Janis Laverty and Michelle Perkins. Their On-Campus counterparts, coached by Josh Wilson, Kyle Stuart, Kyle Mullins, Greg Miller, Shawn Bradley, Lawson Miller and Jaime Ackerman, consisted of Ackerman, Stiles, Reedy, Goodling, Allanah, Guckin, Alyse Poswiatosky, Alie Fields, Kristen Winslow, Sheila Katzaman, Rachel Emmons, Amanda Sherry, Chelsea Emel, Brittany Davis, Steph Karoullas, Jocelyn Moyer, Holly Raybuck, Brooke Arment, Lindsey Anderson and Shaana Exantus. The preceding game summary was provided by intramural assistant Jeremy R. Bottorf, who said a big “Thank you” to Enifien Okoro and Angel Stroud for working the chains; to Brandon Sauers, Joe Simon and Greg Solyak for refereeing; and to Nate Ellis, Ben Vess and Russell Blankenship for working the clock. Photos by Michael S. Fischer, student photographer

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