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On-Campus Team Dominates ‘Powder Puff Football’ Game

The victors Michelle Goodling awaits the snap Action at the line of scrimmage Off-campus squad gathers for a team photoThe on-campus team came out with a good mix of runs and passes to keep its off-campus opponents on their heels, and, when it was all said and done, Sunday’s Powder Puff Football game might well have been called “The Kerry Weber Show.” For starters, according to a recap by intramural assistant Jeremy R. Bottorf (who also provided the photos), on-campus quarterback Michelle Goodling found Weber on a pass play to put the team up 7-0. Just as the rain threatened, so did the off-campus squad, starting a drive of its own only to turn over the ball on downs. Midway through the second quarter, the on-campus team reached into its bag of tricks: Amanda Allanah took the ball on a reverse and set up great field position; Stephania Karoullas then took the direct snap “to the house” to boost the score to 14-0 at halftime. The on-campus team was not done, however. Goodling came out with another beautiful pass to Weber to put the team up 21-0. A fired-up off-campus team began driving downfield, with coach Josh Wilson changing things up by going to a two-quarterback system involving Tiffany Deihm and Amanda Reedy. On a switch of its own, the on-campus team put in Alysia Brown at quarterback; she hooked up on a bomb to (who else?) Weber, to make the score 28-0. A few plays later, Weber again took a deflected ball into the end zone for the 35-0 final score. Assisting Wilson with the off-campus team were Jake Parsons and Shawn Bradley. The on-campus team was coached by Kyle Baker and assistants Brandon Haney and Allen Brown. Bottorf shared a “big thank you” to all the players; to Greg Solyak, Donnie Stevenson and Ben Vincent for refereeing; to Dylan Lackey and Chad Chervinsky for working the chains … and to Mother Nature, who kept the rain on the other side of the mountain until the game could be completed. Sign-ups for the Homecoming Powder Puff Football Game will begin in mid-September, he added.

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