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Official List of Academic Majors, Codes Available for Internal Use

In conjunction with updating the College Catalog for 2006-07, the Registrar’s Office has issued an official “for office use only” document that includes ALL Pennsylvania College of Technology majors and ALL codes includingthose not published in the Online College Catalog or the printed version of the College Catalog.

All college departments are encouraged to use this official, internaldocument whenever they need to reference academic majors and codes that do not appear in the published catalog. The official document is available on F: Public/Docs/Majors and Degrees/Majors INTERNAL USE ONLY.

Please reference the official list on the F: drive at all times, to ensure you have the most current information. If you print a list today, it could become out-of-date tomorrow. By referring to the document on the F: drive, you ensure you have the most current information available.

Contact the Registrar’s Office if you have questions about the list of majors and codes.

Only the Registrar’s Office can approve updates and revisions to the official document.

Reminder: The most current information regarding published majors and codes (for students and the general public) is available in the Online College Catalog .

Printed catalogs often do not contain the most current information. You are encouraged to use the Online College Catalog as your source of information on academic majors.

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