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Off-Campus Team Gets Even, Wins ‘Powder Puff’ Game 13-7

The on-campus Powder Puff Football team had the last laugh last year, beating its off-campus opponents 16-14. This year, according to a game recap from Jason Bottorf, intramural/Fitness Center assistant, the off-campus women returned the favor.

Amber Geckle handed off to Kim Carbaugh, who sprinted past the on-campus defense and scored the game’s first touchdown. Carbaugh again was handed the ball as she ran in the end zone for the extra point, making it 7-0 off-campus.

The on-campus squad wouldn’t be outdone, and put together a drive of its own that consisted of some tipped passes finding their receivers’ hands, Bottorf said. Emily Beiter completed a pass to Jen Miller to make the score 7-6, then connected with Tara Wolf to tie the game.

Thecontest then became a defensive struggle, as both teams were forced to punt numerous times. However, in the end, Bottorf said, off-campus coach Derek Rinaldo pulled out a bag of tricks and scored on a razzle-dazzle play. Geckle took the snap and pitched the ball to Lindsay Mays; with the defense biting on the pitch, Natalie Plavi raced down the sideline and Mays hit her with a touchdown pass to make it a 13-7 game.

The extra point failed, however, giving the on-campus team time to make a run.

Unfortunately, the on-campus women couldn’t move the ball and off-campus had a chance to run out the clock. On-campus made a goal-line stand and got the ball back with under a minute to play. After two incomplete passes, on-campus completed a pass, but, as the pass was caught and the flag ripped off, the clock expired, giving off-campus its first win against the on-campus girls. “I would just like to thank everyone who helped with the games and the effort of the chain crew, clock operator and referees,” Bottorf said. “I feel the Powder Puff games are becoming bigger and better, and I’m looking forward to having more next semester.”

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