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Off-Campus ‘Powder Puff’ Team Wins Low-Scoring Affair Against On-Campus Women

Head-to-head competition Mixing it up Running the gauntlet The off-campus team took a 2-1 lead in the yearly Powder Puff Football series against the on-campus squad Sunday night on the Athletic Field. Jeremy Bottorf, intramural/Fitness Center assistant director, provided this recap: Kim Carbaugh scampered through the on-campus defense to score the lone touchdown of the game.Brittany Blessard then powered her way through the on-campus defense for the extra point, and the off-campus team took the lead 7-0. During the second and third quarters, field-position battles took place andneither team moved the ball very well. However, in the fourth quarter, the on-campus team began driving down the field. With two minutes left in the game, the on-campus team drove inside the off-campus 10-yard line, but, on third down, Katie Greene intercepted a pass. As she ran through the defense, the clock also ran out and she secured the off-campus victory 7-0. The off-campus team now prepares to take on the staff/faculty team at 7 p.m. Sunday on the Athletic Field. Anyone interested in running the game clock should contact Bottorf at ext. 3721 or by e-mail.
Photos by Amanda M. Williamson, part-time student photographer

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