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Off-Campus Landlords Participate in Penn College Workshop

Danielle M. Coakley, Community Assistant for Vine Avenue, outlines some of her initial year's successes %96 and looks ahead to more outreach with off-campus students in the coming months. Pennsylvania College of Technology held its third annual Off-Campus Housing Landlord Luncheon and Workshop on Thursday, providing an opportunity for a wide-ranging discussion of health-and-safety and outreach issues and other matters of mutual interest.

The daylong program brought together off-campus landlords (who are on the college’s approved off-campus housing list), college staff and special guests to address a variety of topics related to students living off campus while attending Penn College.

“We are appreciative (the college) has the insight to continue an ongoing dialogue with area landlords,” said Edward Lyon Jr., of Penn Square Apartments and Lyon Associates. “Without a doubt, we learn something new each and every time we attend.”

Similar comments were offered by others among the 27 landlords attending the event, which was coordinated by Elliott Strickland, special assistant to the vice president for student affairs, and sponsored by the Student Affairs Office and the Off-Campus Housing Office at Penn College. Additional financial support was provided by an alcohol initiative grant through the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.

The workshop included presentations by Gerri F. Luke, assistant professor of business administration/marketing, on marketing strategies; Lisa Fogleman, Valley Prevention Services, on indicators of illegal drug use and the increase of binge drinking by college women; and Carl L. Shaner, director of student health services, and James E. Bies, assistant Penn College police chief, on the college’s Impaired Student Recovery Area a health-and-safety initiative for students who pose a potential danger to themselves or others due to overconsumption of alcohol.

Carolyn Strickland, director of student life, along with Elliott Strickland, outlined the college’s new summer orientation program, “Connections,” and its impact on first-year students living off campus. Danielle M. Coakley, senior from Howard majoring in graphic communications management, explained her role as a community assistant for off-campus students on Vine Avenue.

The college recently held a “Meet & Greet” cookout for residents of that street, which borders Penn College to the north, and Coakley is planning a number of other outreach efforts including a poker tournament, a “Personalize Your Porch” event and a walking tour of Downtown Williamsport to include off-campus students in their campus community.

Chris E. Miller, Penn College Police chief, and Jill S. Landesberg-Boyle, vice president for student affairs, also were present to answer questions.

For more information on Penn College’s Off-Campus Housing Office, call (570) 320-8023, or toll-free (800) 367-9222; send e-mailor visit online.

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