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Off-Campus Gambles Often, but On-Campus Walks Away Victorious

Awaiting the snap Tuck and run Facing a rush Preparing to launch To the victorsThe On-Campus Powder Puff Football team defeated its Off-Campus counterparts on the soccer field Tuesday, a 14-7 victory in a game postponed from Homecoming Weekend. Jeremy R. Bottorf, intramural assistant, provided this recap: Jessica Houser threw a bullet to Sam Mills to open the scoring, connecting on “fourth and a mile” to give the Off-Campus team a 7-0 lead. Amanda Allanah had some amazing runs to set up the On-Campus team at the 1-yard line, but the Off-Campus defense fired up after the touchdown made an impressive goal-line stand. Michelle Goodling later connected on a beautiful pass to Angela Stiles to tie the game, 7-7, at halftime. Allanah had more great runs downfield, but, once again, the On-Campus team stumbled in the red zone under excellent Off-Campus defense. After forcing a turnover on downs, the On-Campus team received a huge break when Alyson Fields intercepted a pass to put the ball inside the red zone of the Off-Campus team, but, as earlier, the Off-Campus defense held and the score remained tied. It was a battle of field position until 2:35 was left on the clock and Goodling hooked up with Stiles on a long touchdown pass to put the On-Campus team up, 14-7. The Off-Campus team tried to mount a comeback, but, as time expired, so didits hopes. Thank you to everyone who helped: Brian Bowers on the clock, Chad Chervinsky and Matt Baca on the chains, and Ty Holland, Joe Simon and Josh Bengel for helping officiate. Thanks, also, to the teams and coaches who put in a lot of time and effort to make the game enjoyable to the packed house. Photos by Micah A. Metzel, alumnus/technology management major/student ambassador

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