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North Campus Joins Celebration of National Medical Assistants Week

The North Campus of Pennsylvania College of Technology will celebrate National Medical Assistants Week (Oct. 15-19) with the 11 students currently enrolled in its 960-hour medical assistant program.

Since 1984, the American Medical Technologists, a nonprofit certification agency and professional membership association, and others have honored the vital role and the professional excellence that medical assistants provide in the delivery of health care to patients.

AMT represents more than 38,000 individuals in allied health professions. Since 1939, AMT has helped its members meet the challenges of their professions and fostered their professional and personal growth.

Medical assistants certified by AMT as registered medical assistants must pass an exam and have the required education and experience to receive the RMA professional certification. A medical assistant is a multiskilled professional who combines clinical and administrative responsibilities to assist in all aspects of medical practice in physician’s offices, hospitals, clinics, government agencies and laboratories.

Administrative duties include scheduling appointments, billing and maintaining office records. Clinical functions include taking vital signs, charting patient information, recording medical histories, performing routine tests and applying dressings.

After completing the medical assistant program offered by the North Campus, students sit for the AMT certification exam and have the opportunity to achieve RMA status.

“Medical assistants help create a professional and comforting atmosphere for patients by offering them guidance and support,” said Christopher A. Damon, AMT’s executive director.

The next medical assistant class at the North Campus, located 3 miles east of Wellsboro on Route 6, is scheduled to begin in Fall 2008.

For more information about the program, contact the North Campus at (570) 724-7703.

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