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No end of activity on end-of-semester calendar

Penn College’s student photographers are, as it should be, students first and foremost. But even in the midst of a crowded “to-do list” as summer beckons, they take lenses in hand to help PCToday showcase the events that help make this former community college a true college community. Among the assignments tackled by two of those photographers in recent days were the Wildcat Events Board’s Block Party near Vine Avenue and the Klump Academic Center on April 22, and, on the following day, the Penn College Motorsports Association’s Spring Car Show and SWORD Spring Robot Fights. The block party featured the return of two campus favorites – goats and The Hatchet House trailer – as well as food, crafts and games. The car show attracted a crowd-pleasing 122 registrants, with trophies awarded in six categories: Modern Car (1997 and newer), Classic Car (1996 and earlier), Modern Truck, Classic Truck, Specialized (motorcycles, off-road vehicles, etc.) and Best in Show. Battling into the winner’s circle at the Field House robot arena were Antweight: Floor Fan, first; Slim Pickens, second; and Red Eye, third. Beetleweight: Thunder Child, first; Disappointment, second; and Jetlag, third.

– Photos by Alexis M. Burrell (block party) and Kollin G. Kisner (car show and robots)

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