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‘Night of 1,000 Games’ Offers Intramural Fun and a Free TV

Students play Plinko at 'Night of 1,000 Games - Part 2' Variety of prizes awarded A late summer night's fun To the victor ...“Night of 1,000 Games Part 2” took place Wednesday at Rose Street Commons, where more than 200 students played Plinko and took part in an obstacle course to try to win an LCD TV. To qualify, participants had to throw a ringer in horseshoes, get a washer in the box and toss a ping-pong ball into a cup. The time originally was set at 3 minutes and 41 seconds, but, according to Jeremy Bottorf, intramural assistant (and photographer for the event), the time slowly dwindled to under a minute throughout the night. “When it was all said and done,” he said, “Kris Merklin won with an astonishing time of 15 seconds.” Bottorf thanked all who came out in support of the Intramural Department-sponsored event, helping to make it such a successful night.

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