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New, Transferred Faculty Announced as Fall Start-Up Looms

Among the latest additions to the Pennsylvania College of Technology community are these full-time faculty members for the Fall 2011 semester, as provided by the Human Resources Office (all effective Aug. 11):

School of Business and Computer Technologies

  • Karen Stapp (transfer from Part-Time Faculty) Legal Assistant

School of Health Sciences

  • Tina Kline, Nursing Programs
  • Dulcey Messersmith (transfer from Part-Time Faculty), Nursing Programs

School of Industrial and Engineering Technologies

  • Jeffery Hollingsworth, Civil Engineering Technology
  • Matthew Nolan, (transfer from Part-Time Faculty) Welding

School of Integrated Studies

  • David Stabley (transfer from Part-Time Faculty), Ceramics and Wood Sculpture
  • Nicholas Stephenson, Graphic Design
  • Craig Miller, History/Political Science
  • Jan Henry, Mathematics
  • Margaret Yohe, Mathematics

Only new college hires and employees transferring from one internal position to another in certain situations are reported.

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