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New Students Win Pizza Party for Old-School Grasp of Finances

FYE students of Edward J. Almasy (left) flaunt the pizza they won as the semester's most engaging class.
FYE students of Edward J. Almasy (left) flaunt the pizza they won as the semester’s most engaging class.

Congratulations to Edward J. Almasy’s students for receiving the Spring 2018 Financial Literacy Challenge Award as the most “engaging” First-Year Experience class based on presentations by Career Services’ Dana R. Suter. (Second and third place, respectively, went to Marc E. Bridgens, associate professor of HVAC technology, and Karen E. Disalvo, assistant professor of legal assistant). “I started this friendly competition among the classes, as I know talking about finances – budgeting, credit card debt, investing and student loan repayment – isn’t the most exciting topic of conversation, but a conversation that is needed,” Suter said. “Being financially healthy and understanding the importance of making smart financial choices while in school (and after graduation) is so important, and how those choices may impact you in getting that ‘rock star’ job! Ed’s class asked very suitable questions throughout the presentation, as well as offering feedback about the financially healthy practices that they have experienced.” Suter, coordinator of part-time student employment and career programming, provided pizza and refreshments. Almasy, an associate professor of electronics, is among the many faculty/staff who work with new students through the required FYE sessions.
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