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New Standing-Committee Appointees Announced by Governance

The Governance elections are officially completed. The following is a list of appointees who have agreed to fill the indicated committee vacancies for one year. As you have opportunity, please thank these individuals for their willingness to serve the college in this capacity. Positions listed in bold still are vacant. If you or someone you know would be willing to fill any of these openings, please contact Brett Reasner by e-mail or at ext. 3623:

College Council Faculty, Hospitality Judy Shimp APT Business Affairs Vicki Killian Service

Academic Standards & Issues Faculty, Natural Resource Management Mike Dincher

Curriculum Faculty, Hospitality Sue Major Faculty, Natural Resource Management Dennis Fink

Facilities ATHS Bonnie Taylor ESC/ATC/AVC/NC Steve Wallace

Human Resources Service

Long Range Planning Faculty, Businessand Computer Technologies Gerri Luke Faculty, Health Sciences Ann Reichelderfer Faculty, Industrialand Engineering Technologies Tom Livingstone Faculty, Natural Resources Management Deb Buckman APT, Not a Member of President’s Council Kim Bolig

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