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New Employee Information System Options Announced by ITS

New options have been added to all faculty/staff Employee Information System menus by Information Technology Services:

  • View My Non-Credit Classes: This option will letyou see a transcript of all noncredit classes taken at Penn College. (Useful for seeing whatProfessional Development activitiesyou have attended.)
  • View My Vacation, Sick, Personal Leave: See how much time you have available and a history of what time you have used.
  • View My Key Assignments: See what keys you have signed out, what rooms they open and when you signed them out.

For supervisors, there also is a new My Employees option, which shows a supervisor allhis or herdirect reports,their current directory information, employee group, hiring date, job title and job code. It also letssupervisors e-mail a specific employee with a click of the mouse, and letsthem review employees’ noncredit classes, leave information and key assignments. A supervisor of other supervisorsalso candrill downhis or herarea’s organizational structure.EIS icon Employeesmay have noticed a new icon ontheir desktops (a hand holding the Earth, as shown at left) that will take them directly to the EIS login site.

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