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Museum Donates Helicopter to Lumley Aviation Center

Donated Boeing helicopter delivered to Montoursville hangar A Boeing-Bölkow BO-105C twin-engine helicopter, donated by the American Helicopter Museum and Education Center in Chester, arrived at Penn College’s Lumley Aviation Center on Tuesday. William F. Stepp III, the associate professor of aviation who worked with museum officials to secure the donation, is looking forward to using the aircraft in the Rotary Wing Systems& Maintenance course because the Boeing is equipped with a state-of-the-art rotor-head assembly. The BO-105C is powered by two Allison 400-horsepower jet engines, and can carrymore thana ton at speeds up to 144 miles per hour. The aircraft type is all-weather capable, and has been used as executive transports and as air ambulances. Although the helicopter will compliment the Rotary Wing class, the aircraft can be used in other classes such as Sheet Metal Aircraft Structures, Airframe Electronic and Instrument Systems, and Avionics Maintenance Applications. Photo by Thomas D. Inman, associate professor of avionics

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