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Minority Student Scholarship Established at Penn College

Current and former Pennsylvania College of Technology students who were members of the student organization Minorities Lending Knowledge have established The Start to Finish Minority Student Scholarship at the college.

The students are: Kacie L. Weaver, of Harrisburg, a 2016 alumna who earned a bachelor’s degree in applied human services; Kyani L. Lawrence, a former applied human services student from 2013-16 who transferred to a college in her hometown of New Rochelle, New York; and Wilmer I. Clase, of Lancaster, a building science and sustainable design: architectural technology concentration student who is set to graduate with a bachelor’s degree this month.

Wilmer I. Clase
Wilmer I. Clase
Kyani L. Lawrence
Kyani L. Lawrence
Kacie L. Weaver
Kacie L. Weaver

The Start to Finish Minority Student Scholarship gives preference to students who are enrolled full time; have completed a minimum of 24 credits, or one year, at Penn College; have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better; have at least one semester remaining before graduation; are a racial or ethnic minority (as defined by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission); and are a citizen or permanent resident of the United States.

“Minorities Lending Knowledge’s mission is to inspire diversity,” Clase said. “As members, we recognize that respect of individual differences is the foundation of civil behavior, and earning ‘degrees that work’ empowers students to compete successfully in the global marketplace – a powerful combination that more students need to experience. We established The Start to Finish Minority Student Scholarship with that end in mind. I believe this scholarship is a necessity for Penn College students. I have experienced firsthand all of the reasons why we decided to create it.

“We want to be the change. Creating this scholarship is much bigger than the three of us; this scholarship will forever provide a platform for minority students to continue their education and make their dreams a reality.”

Lawrence added: “I firmly believe in the importance of diversity. Being a minority college student can be extremely challenging. Our goal in creating this scholarship is to provide recognition and encouragement for current and future students as they strive toward earning ‘degrees that work’.”

“There is beauty in the struggle, but before you can see that beauty, you need an opportunity to overcome the struggle,” Weaver said. “This scholarship gives minority students the chance to grow and be more than they thought they could be, accomplishing goals that they once saw simply as dreams.”

Elliott Strickland, Penn College’s chief student affairs officer, praised the students for their efforts and commitment.

“I am so impressed that our students saw a need and worked to establish a scholarship to address it,” Strickland said. “We are clear about our commitment to diversity in our mission and the importance of a community of respect in our college values, and this scholarship is a tangible way that our students are working to continue our progress toward those ideals.

“These students did not undertake the initiative for their own benefit; rather, this scholarship is intended to have a meaningful impact on students who have yet to enroll.”

Students who wish to apply for The Start to Finish Minority Student Scholarship – or any of the more than 200 scholarships administered by the Penn College Foundation – should complete an online application.

Those interested in contributing to a Penn College scholarship or establishing one can send a donation to the Penn College Foundation, One College Avenue, Williamsport, PA 17701; give online; or call the Institutional Advancement Office toll-free at 866-GIVE-2-PC (866-448-3272).

Students interested in learning more about or joining Minorities Lending Knowledge at Penn College may email the student organization or call the Student Activities Office at 570-326-4763.

For more about the college, a national leader in applied technology education and workforce development, email the Admissions Office or call toll-free 800-367-9222.

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