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Media Professional Helps College Team Hone Storytelling Skills

Media professional Sheila Curran Bernard with Tom Speicher, video production developer, in the PDC on Thursday.Emmy- and Peabody Award-winning media professional Sheila Curran Bernard was on campus Thursday and Friday to work with the digital media team James R. Dougherty, digital media developer; Christopher J. Legarski, instructional media developer; Christopher J. Leigh, video production coordinator; and Tom Speicher, video production developer on video storytelling.

Bernard, author of “Documentary Storytelling,” and “SCHOOL: The Story of American Public Education (a companion to the PBS series),” will help the team improve its storytelling techniques by using numerous examples and critiquing existing work, including Penn College student video documentaries and future, career-focused broadcasting projects.

Among her many credits, Bernard helped to originate and raise funds for two six-hour series on PBS. She has taught or lectured at Princeton University, Harvard University, Westbrook College and University of Bergen (Norway).

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