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Math Professor Earns Student Nomination to ‘Who’s Who’

William MaWilliam Ma, a professor of mathematics at Pennsylvania College of Technology, was recently nominated by a former student for inclusion in “Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers and Educators.”

His biography will appear in the 11th edition of the book, which honors about 5 percent of the nation’s teachers.

According to Educational Communications Inc., which publishes “Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers,” the recognition program gives the ultimate consumers of education the students the opportunity to honor the teachers who have most significantly impacted their lives.

Students listed in “Who’s Who Among American High School Students,” “The National Dean’s List” and “Who’s Who Among American High School Students-Sports Edition,” publications which honor the nation’s top high school and college students, are asked to nominate a teacher who has been most influential during their academic career.

Ma earned a doctorate in mathematics from the University of Cincinnati, as well as a master’s degree. He earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Northwest University. His research focuses on complex analysis. Overall, Ma has published more than 45 research papers and given more than 20 invited presentations at international and national conferences.

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