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Local Third-Graders Visit Penn College Labs

Ariel Woodring writes a birthday greeting for one of the visiting third-graders onto a sheet cake Woodring doles out samples Tim Weston, associate professor of plastics technology, shows the 'smile' on the bottom of a detergent bottle, indicating it was created using extrusion blow molding Around 100 third-graders from Cochran Elementary School in Williamsport spent time at Penn College on Wednesday, learning about some of the many careers that could be in their future. The students visited the School of Hospitality, where they watched a cake-decorating demonstration by baking and pastry arts students Ariel L. Woodring and Patricia A. Bennett and sampled the product. They also visited the college’s plastics and polymer technology laboratories, where they learned about the many processes used to create the plastic products surrounding us, as well as collision repair and manufacturing engineering technology labs.

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