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List of PCToday Feeds

What is RSS?

Want to receive the latest news about Pennsylvania College of Technology – including athletic news and upcoming events – delivered immediately, right to your computer? You can, with PCToday’s RSS feed.

Q: What is RSS?

A. It’s not just more e-mail!

RSS, Really Simple Syndication, is a file format that allows the public to access a particular website’s news without constantly visiting the site. RSS “feeds” are essentially headlines and brief summaries with links to the full text.

You will find RSS feeds on Web logs as well as on many business, technology, news, entertainment, sports, and library sites. Usually feeds are found on the news section of a site.

You control the feeds you receive through your subscriptions.

Q: How do I get the Penn College RSS feed at home?

A: First, you will need an RSS reader – a “news aggregator” – that converts RSS feeds into a format that an RSS reader can display.

A wide range of RSS readers can be easily downloaded from the Internet. Some readers are Web-based while others require you to download a small software program. Also, some browsers now incorporate an RSS reader. Wikipedia maintains a list of news aggregators.

Second, after installing an RSS reader, subscribe to PCToday’s RSS feed.

Copy any of PCToday’s RSS feeds (left) address’ into the subscription area of your RSS reader.

See your RSS reader for specific instructions.

For Penn College-owned computers, RSS feed capabilities are built into the newest version of Internet Explorer.

Q: Does it cost anything?

A: The PCToday feeds are free. Most readers also are free.

Q: What about my privacy? Am I giving away personal information when I sign up for an RSS feed?

A: Your privacy is protected. Subscribing to a PCToday feed does not provide us with any information about you.