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Le Jeune Menu Again to Feature Homegrown Freshness

A sage plant shows off its texture in the afternoon sun A variety of tomato plants line the garden outside the Lifelong Education Center This is the second year Le Jeune Chef will produce its own vegetablesLe Jeune Chef Restaurant’s vegetable garden was planted over the weekend with a variety of vegetables and herbs, including beefsteak, Syrian, snowberry, Roma, Tiny Tim, and yellow heirloom tomatoes; Hungarian banana, sweet bell, cherry hot, chocolate habaneras and yellow wax peppers; and basil, purple basil, sage and parsley. The garden also includes hops, which will give students in the Introduction to Ales and Lagers class an agricultural perspective on the beverages andtheir production. Layne Eggers, assistant dean of the School of Hospitality, who planted the garden, said that, once the plants mature, Le Jeune Chef’s staff will develop menu items to feature products from the garden. “Most of the garden is made up of plants that were donated from the School of Natural Resources Management,” he said. “Special thanks to Brett Reasner, assistant dean.” This is the second year for the restaurant’s garden.

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