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Landscape Architecture Students Visit From Penn State

Penn State students get valuable input from Michaele C. Incontro, of Alpine, N.J., a residential construction technology and management major Instructor Glenn R. Luse provides one-on-one attention Building construction technology major Daniel B. Harlow, of Carlisle, helps a visitor develop her technique With trowel in hand, instructor Richard R. Motter mentors a guest Zachary T. McAllister, of Dover, enrolled in the residential construction technology and management: building construction technology concentration, helps his Penn State counterparts properly lay a brick archwayAbout 40 students of C. Timothy Baird, associate professor of landscape architecture at The Pennsylvania State University, traveled to Penn College’s School of Construction and Design Technologies on Thursday. Rotating among masonry-lab workstations and supervised by skilled Penn College students, the guests received several hours of up-close instruction in a variety of building-stone media. Penn State classes annually travel to main campus; this is the first time in about six years that landscape students made the trip. Richard R. Motter and Glenn R. Luse, instructors of building construction, circulated among the visitors, and a number of industry supporters added to the day’s success with contributions of material and insight: Jim Michele and Watsontown Brick Co., who donated paving brick; Al Creswell and Glen-Gery Brick, brick; Shane Kersteder, special mortar; Charlie Wilson, thin-veneer mountain stone; Clay Henry and Cliff Grimes, of Beavertown Block Co., building block; and Tony Mirarchi and Dale Pepper from the Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Union, who donated time and trowels.

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