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ITS Offers ‘Work From Home’ Web Page

Did you know that you can check your GroupWise calendar from any computer connected to the Internet? Did you know you can use your home computer to access files store on your H: drive? Did you know that the AS/400 processes you use in your office can be accessed from the Web?

'Tech Tips' from ITSMaybe you knew about the Web-based tools that make these tasks possible, but have a hard time remembering where to find them. Perhaps you use them regularly, but wish you could access them from one convenient location.

Now you can. Information Technology Services’ Work-From-Home Web page is your one-stop, virtual gateway to the network resources you use most. The page links directly to the log-in screens of MyDrives, Group Wise Web Access andthe AS/400. And, if you’ve never used these Web-based tools before, the page provides links to the information you’ll need to get started.

The best part is that there’s only one Web address to remember: Add this page to your Favorites, and access will always be just a click away.

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