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ITS Offers Guidelines for Security of Computer Resources

ITS offers another valuable 'Tech Tip' for campus computer usersNetwork and workstation security are important, but often-overlooked aspects of the work environment on campus. As stated in the Information Technology ServicesAcceptable Use Policy, employees (as well as students) are responsible for any activity originating from their various network accounts.

To keep your network drives, e-mail account, AS/400 access and other electronic resources secure, we urge employees to follow these guidelines:

  • Do not share your passwords with anyone, not even your supervisor or secretary
  • Do not tape your passwords to your computer monitor or other easily accessible location
  • Create hard-to-guess passwords, preferably with a combination of numbers and letters
  • If you suspect that someone has gained access to one of your accounts, contact ITS (via the Help Desk or ext. 7329) immediately
  • Do not step away from your computer (or an instructor workstation) while 'Lock' button among ITS security tipslogged in to the network. If leaving for only a few moments, lock your computer (press and hold CTRL+ALT+DELETE or click the lock button on the task bar or desktop).

If leaving for a longer period, log out completely (Start > Log Off).

An archive of ITS’s “Tech Tips” is available here .

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