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ITS Institutes Student Printing Quota

To control rising printing costs and ensure all students have fair access to campus printing resources, Pennsylvania College of Technology is implementing a student printing quota for Fall 2004.

Over the past several years, Information Technology Services has seen an alarming increase in the volume of printing and associated costs. These rising costs have had a significant impact on the allocation of the student technology fee. Dollars spent on paper, toner and printer maintenance are dollars that can’t be spent on computer hardware and software.

The printing quota will be a very generous 2,000 pages per semester. According to a study conducted by ITS last year, this quota far exceeds the academic printing needs of our students. In other words, the quota will only affect those students who abuse their printing privileges.

By promoting more conscientious printing habits, we hope to see a significant reduction in printing costs. Studies at other colleges and universities have shown a 30 to 40 percent savings after implementing printing quotas.

More information about the College’s student printing quota is available here .

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