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International Programs’ ‘Antiquity’ Group Greets New Year in Rome

At the amphitheater in Pompeii Nine Penn College students, enrolled in the Italy Art and Architecture of Antiquity course, studied in Rome with adjunct faculty member Mark J. Mahosky from Dec. 27-Jan. 5. The students toured the Roman Forum and the Colosseum, and visited Pompeii and Herculaneum, Naples, the Vatican Museum and Necropolis. This is the ninth year for this study-abroad program. From left in the photo are instructor Mark J. Mahosky, Andrew D. Fabriziani, Sarah K. Forney, Corinna G. Brooks, Megan R. Pennington, Ryan M. Karney, Blair J. Steward, Natalie L. Sox-Handley, Sarah R. Shott and Nathan M. Barger.
Photo provided by Sarah A. Shott

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