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Information Technology Services Announces Major System Conversion

Later this summer, Information Technology Services will begin a major initiative to convert the campus network infrastructure from Novell to Microsoft. This conversion will affect network file storage, network printing and e-mail services.

According to Jim Cunningham, chief technology officer, the move will improve the department’s ability to respond to the campus’ ever-changing IT needs.

“The Novell-based infrastructure has served the institution well for the past 10 years; however, converting to Microsoft’s market-leading infrastructure will position ITS to improve both the reliability and capabilities of the network services it provides to the campus,” said Cunningham.

The conversion involves transitioning all of the servers that now use Novell Netware for file storage (F:, G:, H:, P:, R: and S:) and network printing queues to the Microsoft Server 2003 operating system. The college’s e-mail system will be converted from Novell’s GroupWise to Microsoft Exchange Server, with Microsoft Outlook as the employee and student e-mail program.

To begin the conversion process, ITS staff will visit every computer on campus over the next six months and perform a minor software update. This initial update should be “invisible,” resulting in no change in functionality or appearance.

The e-mail system conversion from GroupWise to Outlook will take place much later. Training on Outlook will be provided prior to this stage of the conversion.

Another element of the conversion process requires that new network login passwords be assigned to all employees and students. The new passwords will go into effect on Monday, June 19, and can only be used to log in to the campus network; they will NOT replace GroupWise e-mail passwords or AS/400 passwords those passwords will not change.

IMPORTANT: Employees will receive their new network passwords via e-mail later in May. The subject of the e-mail will be: New Penn College network password. Do not mistake it for an e-mail scam or spam. The e-mail will NOT include any links and will not ask for confirmation of receipt or account information.

The premise behind this conversion project is similar to the Market Street bridge project short-term inconvenience for long-term improvement. ITS asks the college community for patience during this important update to our campus information technology infrastructure.

Remember to watch PCToday for details and regular updates on this project. As always, questions or requests for technical support can be directed to the ITS Help Desk at ext. 7329.

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