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Incentive program freezes tuition for baccalaureate students

Baccalaureate students who commit to completing their degrees in four years can freeze their tuition rates as part of a new initiative launching at Pennsylvania College of Technology.

The Momentum Incentive Program enables students to opt in for a Fall 2020 start. The program is open to first-time, full-time bachelor-degree students who enroll by May 1, 2020.

To keep their incoming-year tuition rate the same for the remaining three years, students must complete at least 30 credits each academic year and maintain a GPA of at least a 3.0.

In addition to the potential for saving thousands of dollars, the Momentum Incentive Program helps students stay on track to graduate by developing better study habits and earning better grades. Students with higher GPAs typically receive more desirable job offers – often before graduation. And, graduating on time and finding employment immediately maximizes students’ lifetime earning potential.

Data from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics demonstrates how an investment in a college degree pays dividends for students and their families. College graduates out-earn high school graduates with no college by 65% – receiving $900,000 more in their lifetimes. And, college graduates with bachelor’s degrees earn 1.4 times more than those with only associate degrees.

“The cost of a college degree can be a barrier for many families,” said Carolyn R. Strickland, vice president for enrollment management and associate provost. “However, Penn College is committed to creating opportunities that increase access to higher education. The Momentum Incentive Program offers students a tuition savings and provides support for academic success. We think this will be immensely beneficial to new students.”

Students who meet Momentum Incentive Program requirements will see the opt-in form in their applicant dashboard after confirming their intent to enroll for Fall 2020.

A specially trained academic adviser will meet frequently with Momentum students to ensure that their course loads, course sequences and GPAs remain on track. The advisers will help students monitor their progress and watch for – and mitigate – any early signs of potential risk.

For more about Penn College, a special mission affiliate of Penn State and a national leader in applied technology education, email the Admissions Office or call 800-367-9222.

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