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IBM Donates Computer Hardware, Software for MIS Program

IBM recently donated computer hardware and software valued at nearly $750,000 to Pennsylvania College of Technology for use in the new Business Administration-Management Information Systems Concentration major in the School of Business and Computer Technologies.

The donation includes an iSeries/400 Model 270 server system with special software to accommodate training in CICS, MQSeries, Database, Networking and WebSphere. Total value of the hardware is $36,338; total value of the software is $700,327.

“With the introduction of the MIS curriculum at Penn College, IBM has given not only a computer system, but the necessary software tools to teach the program,” said Nicholas A. Vonada, associate professor of computer science and a member of the MIS faculty at the College. “Skilled, industry-trained professionals are at the helm of the MIS curriculum at Penn College, and IBM has recognized this, offering to send members of the faculty to international conferences at its expense. The MIS faculty is offering industry-level classes offered nowhere else in the United States.”

The donation is a result of Penn College’s participation in IBM’s Partners in Education initiative. The College partnered with SCS, Inc., Williamsport, which serves as a Premier IBM Business Partner.

“Nick has done a magnificent job with the program and is probably one of the most notable participants that IBM has in the Partners in Education Program,” said John Berresford, Penn College’s local business partner at SCS. “Our particular responsibility in the program is primarily in machine support, upgrades and general support. We have been involved with Penn College in this program since its application stage three years ago. I personally only see this program getting stronger and stronger over time.”

Vonada said IBM previously donated $228,000 worth of hardware and software associated with a model 170 AS/400 server, which was used for teaching a variety of courses in the Computer Science Department.

Graduates of the bachelor-degree Business Administration-Management Information Systems Concentration program can expect to find employment in such fields as systems analysis, information system management, quality assurance, financial and market research and production planning.

For more information about the MIS major at Penn College, call (570) 327-4517, or visit on the Web.

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