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Hundreds of New Students, Guests Get ‘Connected’ to Penn College

Incoming students, families gather outside Klump Academic Center Penn College President Davie Jane Gilmour welcomes participants Student Links, the backbone of the Connections experience, are playfully introduced 'Links' Collin A. Zimmerman, Steven V. Williams and Andrew R. Christoffel guide their audience into the ACC AuditoriumPenn College’s innovative Connections orientation program continued this week, as nearly 400 students and their guests recent high school graduates and nontraditional enrollees alike attended ice-breaking and informative sessions on main campus. Guests are enlightened by representatives of numerous college departments/offices and entertainingly guided by Links, a dozen students who serve as orientation leaders throughout the summer. They are introduced via a “spy” theme, with the audience told to be on the lookout for the students (as they stealthily appear on stage beneath their projected profiles). Photos by Jessica L. Tobias, student photographer

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