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Horticulture Grad Plants Inspiration on Return to ESC

Horticulture instructor Carl J. Bower Jr. introduces Garrett M. Book ... a May 2010 graduate who returned to the Schneebeli Earth Science Center on Thursday A May 2010 ornamental horticulture graduate returned to Penn College’s School of Natural Resources Management on Thursday, speaking to students in Carol A. Lugg’s First Year Experience course and Carl J. Bower Jr.’s Landscape Operations class. “If you care about your education, you will get so much more from this experience,” students were advised by Garrett M. Book, now employed by Earth, Turf & Wood Inc. in Lancaster County. “Graduating from Penn College isn’t the end of your education, it is just the beginning.” To prepare her students for the alumnus’ Schneebeli Earth Science Center homecoming, Lugg the school’s matriculation and retention coordinator, who also provided the photos above showed them a video of Book’s commencement address. “Garrett is a perfect example of how you never know what life will bring,” Bower said. “Being prepared for anything and working hardare the keys to success. That was the lesson I was hoping my students would get.”

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