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Homecoming Door-Decorating Winners Announced

Madigan Library Admissions Physician Assistant The winners of the “Energize Your Pride” Homecoming Door-Decorating Contest have been announced by the Student Activities Office: First place − and winner of an oversized gourmet cookie cake, donated by Food Services − Madigan Library (Room 222); second place, Admissions; and third, Physician Assistant Program (inside doors of PA Building). From left in library photo are Lisette N. Ormsbee, Joann L. Eichenlaub, Linda L. Szuhaj, Nicole S. Staron, Patricia A. Beckman, Lynne H. Koskie and Jenny M. Maurer. At center, the Admissions Office shows its allegiance in an expansive display that also included a golfer mannequin; and, at right, the PA Office offers an electrifying double-door dose of Wildcat Power. ( Photos by Jeffrey A. Bower, the library’s virtual resources developer; Charlene A. Peter, admissions receptionist-clerk/typist; and Jessica L. Tobias, student photographer)

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