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‘Green Tip’ Team Takes Summer Recess With ‘Timely’ Advice

The semester’s final weekly Green Tip comes from Gail B. Landers, group leader at Penn College’s Children’s Learning Center and a representative of the Energy Conservation Subcommittee. As we prepare for summer and our times away, Becky Hammond, of, reminds us that time probably is the greatest barrier to being green. “Don’t do more, do less! Reduce your waste: around the house, out and about, in the garden, in the workplace. Just 60 seconds, five minutes or 15 can do it.” Among the suggestions: Hang at least one load of laundry each week to cut down on energy use, grab the first parking spot you see and save gas for travelling, use “gray water” collected from the shower to water your garden/plants, and reuse paper for notes and double-side copies. The Green Tip providers will return in August with more ideas and suggestions. In the meantime, take time!

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