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Graphic Communications Program Finalist for $50,000 Grant

The graphic communications program at Pennsylvania College of Technology has been selected as one of four finalists to receive a grant of equipment from the International Corrugated Packaging Foundation.

The purpose of the grant is to acquaint students with graphic design, structural design, business, marketing, engineering and other diverse career opportunities the industry offers graduates.

Upon the signing of the final partnership paperwork, Penn College will receive up to $50,000 in equipment to be used in instruction, testing and other corrugated paper applications. The corrugated paper and display industry is a major employer in the graphic communications industry. Corrugated is the most planet-friendly packaging and display material, and the industry is most recently recognized for the explosion of point-of-purchase displays often seen in many stores.

Penn College’s proposal was selected as one of four finalists out of17 submitted proposals from California Polytechnic Institute, Clemson University, Eastern Kentucky University, Fox Valley Technical College, Maryland Institute College of Art, Massasoit Community College, Michigan State University, Northwest Arkansas Community College, San Jose State University, Thaddeus Stevens College, University of Wisconsin-Stout and Virginia Tech. “This grant and partnership with ICPF will provide many opportunities to acquaint students with the corrugated packaging and display sector through experiences in numerous courses,” said James P. Lentz, associate professorof graphic communications. “Also, it will provide hands-on learning opportunities that will develop additional skills in our students and make them even more desirable as employees.”

It is expected that the implementation will begin in the Fall 2009 semester. The foundation’s mission is to generate a stream of increasingly qualified students to enter the corrugated packaging and display industry, now and into the future. ICPF is dedicated to the continued creation and building of partnerships within the education community, the granting of equipment and other resources to advance corrugated curriculum, the expansion of student internships within the industry, and the promotion of corrugated packagingand display career opportunities for packaging, business management, accounting, engineering, environmental science, marketing, graphic design, architecture, structural design and tech graduates.

For more information about grant-funding opportunities, faculty and staff may contact the Grants and Contracts Office at ext. 7562 or through its Web portal.

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