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Governance Election Results Certified; Vacancies Remain

The 2007-08 Governance election results have been officially counted and were certified by College Council. As in the past, votes were only counted within employee work groups (i.e. Integrated Studies faculty could only vote for Integrated Studies faculty or faculty-at-large positions).

Serving two-year elected terms are:

College Council APT Academic Affairs Dawn Cool APT at Large James Dougherty APT Not aMember of Business, Student and Academic Affairs Courtney Held APT Student Affairs Shelley Moore Faculty Natural Resources Management Dennis Ringling

Academic Standards & Issues Academic Dean/Assistant Academic Dean Jeffrey Vetock APT Not a Member of President’s Council Henriette Evans APT Not a Member of President’s Council Pat Scheib Faculty Businessand Computer Technologies Jacob Miller Faculty Health Sciences Tina Evans-Simington Faculty Integrated Studies Laura Dickinson Faculty Natural Resources Management Dustin Moore Faculty Transportation Technology William Stepp Curriculum Admissions Philip Berry Faculty Businessand Computer Technologies Gerri Luke Faculty Hospitality Paul Mach Faculty Integrated Studies Robert Mitchell Faculty Librariansand Counselors Larry Emery Faculty Transportation Technology Alfred Thomas Facilities ESC/ATC/AVC/NC Glenda Ferguson GS/BTRC/PL/CAL/AATC Jaimee Kopp GS/BTRC/PL/CAL/AATC Kimberly Venti GS/BTRC/PL/CAL/AATC Heather Baldwin LEC/LRC/PDC Linda Miller Human Resources APT Not a Member of President’s Council Joette Siertle Classified Gloria Hackenburg Classified Marilyn Palmer Faculty at Large Sandy Carlson Faculty at Large Judy McConnell Long Range Planning APT Not a Member of President’s Council Kim Shipman Faculty Health Sciences Ann Reichelderfer Student Affairs APT Not a Member of President’s Council Katie Reed Faculty at Large Alan Buck Faculty at Large Walter Gower Faculty at Large Kyle Hunter Servicing a one-year appointment is: Human Resources Faculty at Large Rhonda Davis If you would like to become involved in Governance, the following is a list of positions still open for one-year appointments: College Council APT Business Affairs Faculty Hospitality Academic Standards & Issues Faculty Constructionand Design Technologies Faculty Industrialand Engineering Technologies Faculty Librariansand Counselors Curriculum FacultyLibrariansand Counselors Faculty Natural Resource Management Facilities ATHS ETC/ERC/MTC/MAC/BTC/PA Human Resources Service Service Long Range Planning Classified/Service Faculty Businessand Computer Technologies Faculty Hospitality Faculty Industrialand Engineering Technologies Faculty Natural Resources Management Please contact Brett Reasner, chair of College Council, or Dawn Cool, chair of the elections committee, if you wish to be appointed to an open position. The new Governance year begins this month. Congratulations to all Governance members; have a great year!

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