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Freshmen Came … Saw … Conquered!

Excitement under the lights Awaiting the snap Friendly rivalsThe first-ever Freshmen vs. Upperclassman Flag Football game turned into a dream for the freshmen and a huge nightmare for the upperclassmen, according to this game summary from intramural assistant Jeremy R. Bottorf (who also supplied the photos): “The freshmen started off with a great kickoff return. After a few first downs, Trevor Kirchner connected with Ethan Kline to give the freshmen a 7-0 lead with 3 minutes left in the first quarter. On its first series, the upperclassmen turned the ball over on downs. The freshmen went three and out on the next possession. The upperclassmen received the ball right before the half, moving backward on the field on four straight plays, running out the clock out and only trailing 7-0 at the half. The second half started just like the first half ended for the Upperclassmen. The freshmen all-out blitzed on their first series, scoring a safety to take a 9-0 lead. On the free kick, a great return set up a quarterback sneak to give the freshmen a 16-0 lead. It seemed like nothing could go right for the upperclassmen as the game could not end soon enough. Even when the freshmen quarterbacks were scrambling around like chickens, anything they would throw would be caught. Kirchner scrambled among what seemed like the entire Upperclassmen team, threw up a prayer and (once again) it was answered, giving the freshmen a 23-0 win over the upperclassmen.”

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