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Free Career-Development Workshop Begins April 17 at North Campus

A three-week New Choices/New Options career-development workshop will be offered from April 17 to May 5 at Pennsylvania College of Technology’s North Campus near Wellsboro.

The New Choices/New Options program is offered at no cost to single parents, displaced homemakers, teen parents, single pregnant women and individuals exploring careers that are nontraditional for their gender. The ultimate goal of the programming is to help people find employment in careers that provide self-sufficiency wages. Many of those attending the workshops move into further training before finding jobs. Others will utilize the job-search skills taught in the workshops to seek jobs after the workshops are complete.

The free classes guide participants through career assessments to identify career goals, and training is offered for computer skills, resume-writing and interview preparation. Special life skills needed to succeed on the job also will be addressed, including coping with stress, dealing with difficult people, nutrition and more.

Workshop presenters will provide information about admissions procedures and funding assistance for further skills training. Outside speakers will provide insights into what employers look for and will give helpful hints on how to enter the job market successfully.

A Tioga County graduate of New Choices/New Options said: “Being a middle-aged widow raising a grandson, I was nervous about attending the workshop, but I am so glad I found the courage to attend. From the workshop came the guidance to funding sources and the encouragement which led to my decision to return to school. (And I am not the only grandparent attending college!) Appropriately named, the workshop is a springboard to new beginnings.”

The North Campus is located on Route 6 between Wellsboro and Mansfield and serves Pennsylvania’s Northern Tier counties.

Call toll-free (800) 367-9222, ext. 7449, to receive more information about registering for the April-May workshop.

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