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Four Students Completing Internships at Le Jeune Chef

Chef Robert A. Armstrong offers tips to Ronnie E. Lindsay Michael R. Everd prepares a creative plate Ronnie E. Lindsay Sarah J. Turbitt Joshua Fidler Four students pursuing bachelor’s degrees in culinary arts and systems are completing internships this semester at the School of Hospitality’s Le Jeune Chef Restaurant. An internship in Le Jeune Chef is a requirement for all students in the major. The experience allows students to use creativity to develop recipes for an entire seven-course menu using seasonal products, usually with seven to 10 days’ notice of which ingredients will be available. Each student is also asked to devise creative plate presentations for their recipes. This semester’s interns, mentored by Chef Robert A. Armstrong, head cook at Le Jeune Chef, are Michael R. Everd, Baltimore; Joshua J. Fidler, Schuylkill Haven; Ronnie E. Lindsay, Bowie, Md.; and Sarah J. Turbitt, Milton. ( Photos by Ashlin R. Hollinger and Amanda M. Williamson, student photographers)

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