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Forest Technology Students Open ‘Living Lab’ to Young Earth Day Visitors

Fresh from learning about frogs and such, schoolchildren scan a forest creek for signs of life Amy L. Moyer, Sunbury, and Randy J. Albertson, Riverside, discuss the impact of whitetail deer on Penn's Woods With the down-to-earth help of Ian D. Copenhaver, McClure, Colin R. Grube, Trucksville, seems to float during a tree-climbing demonstration Mensuration tools, from 'old school' methods to the Allegro handheld field computer, are demonstrated by, from left, Michelle C. Goodling, Renovo; Brian M. Smith, Coudersport; and Travis M. Neal, Canton Students Lance E. Armstrong, Muncy (closest to tree) and Ryan E. Malone, Schuylkill Haven, explain the damage from invasive pests such as hemlock scale, the emerald ash borer and wooly adelgid Fifth-graders from Montgomery Elementary School convened in a classroom “as big as all outdoors” on Tuesday, visiting the Schneebeli Earth Science Center for an environmentally themed field trip timed to this month’s Earth Day observance. As they have for a number of years, forest technology students at Penn College (marshaled by Dennis F. Ringling, professor of forestry) staffed a dozen stations to educate rotating groups of pupils on a variety of woodland topics.

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