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Food Services Takes Another Step Toward ‘Going Green’

Samuel A. MorganteCustomers in the Susquehanna Room will notice a change this week, as Pennsylvania College of Technology’s Food Services takes another step toward “Going Green.”

To help reduce the amount of waste that is sent daily to the landfill, garbage cans have been removed from the dining area and students andemployees are asked to take all items to the dish room for disposal.

“Based on other college and universities’ success with removal of garbage cans within the dining unit, we have the potential to reduce the amount of garbage that goes into our dumpsters and landfills by approximately 80 percent,” says Samuel A.Morgante, executive chef for Food Services. “By having all items go to the dish room and through the pulper, we can produce a material that is more compostable.”

Other initiatives that Food Services has implemented within the last year as part of the “Going Green” program have been the elimination of trays in CC Commons and the introduction of new napkin dispensers in the dining units. The trayless program has reduced the amount of water used by the dish machine and the department saw a 2,500-napkins-per-day decrease with the new dispensers.

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