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Food Services Sponsors ‘Earth Day Fair’

Joseph D. Plummer, lab assistant for horticulture in the School of Natural Resources Management, explains how composting keeps tons of food out of the waste stream The college's use of biodegradable containers, made from corn and other natural 'ingredients,' is showcased by Bernadine M. Welickovitch, Food Services purchasing agent Danna M. Brooks, Food Services manager (right), prepares grass-fed beef - a staple in the Susquehanna Room - while talking with Crissy L. Matter, Food Services' special events manager Students learn about conversion of waste canola oil into fuel at the Biodiesel Pennsylvania Inc. display Did you know that Food Services has kept 5,242 pounds out of the waste stream this school year? This has been accomplished by sending vegetable scraps and coffee grounds to the Earth Science Center to be composted. The Penn College community learned more about that process and other efforts Food Services is making to help the environment during an Earth Day Fair from noon-2 p.m. Monday in the Susquehanna Room Atrium. Information and free samples were handed out by participants: Milky Way Farms, Biodiesel Pennsylvania, Kegel’s Produce, Woolrich Water, Greenware Products, Fair Trade Coffee and those involved with composting at the college.

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