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Food-Service Vendors on Top of National Topics

Two food vendors used by Penn College Food Services are right on top of some recent national food- and health-related headlines.

Dean Foods recently announced that a number of its processing plants no longer will accept milk produced by cows injected with the synthetic growth hormone recombinant bovine somatropin (rBST or rBGH). Dean foods is the distributor of the Hershey’s MilkShakes, strawberry and chocolate flavors, that are sold at Penn Central and the Wildcat Express. This ban on rBST is a first for the nation’s large dairies, but others are soon to follow suit.

JUMP Asian Express also is ahead of the curve with its Asian entree products. With the ban of trans-fat usage in restaurant cooking in New York City, consumers will be glad to know that all JUMP sauces and proteins already have a very low level of trans fats and meet or exceed codes adopted by New York City and other communities looking into the trans-fat ban. JUMP products can be found at CC Commons and the Susquehanna Room.

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