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First Lady Speaks at Employee’s Washington, D.C., Graduation

Michelle Obama addresses George Washington University's Class of 2010 Penn College employee Dawn M. Moore leads the procession of graduates Crossing the stage, with master's degree in hand Graduation held in historic surroundingsDawn M. Moore, disability services specialist at Penn College, was among the graduates at George Washington University when Michelle Obama delivered the commencement address Sunday. Last fall, the first lady promised students she would speak if they completed 100,000 hours of community service. That goal was exceeded by nearly 70,000 hours, and Mrs. Obama honored her pledge. “The ceremony was truly spectacular,” said Moore, who earned a master’s degree in education and human development (specifically, rehabilitation counseling). “I never experienced such a moment that contained the surroundings of the most memorable moments in U.S. history. One message that was quite clear in Mrs. Obama’s speech was for the graduates to continue to be engaged in the communities around us. It was an honor having her there.” Photos provided by Counseling, Career and Disability Services

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