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First Homecoming Flag Football Game Successful

The winning team poses in celebration Action under the Wednesday night lights Wednesday’s first-ever Homecoming flag football game was termed a “huge success” by intramural assistant Jeremy R. Bottorf, who coached the gray team and provided this summary: The gray team started the game with a long touchdown pass from Craig Flint to Gavin Mock to take the lead 7-0. The blue team, coached by Brian Walton, started driving the field, but came up short on fourth down. Flint then connected on another touchdown pass to Jordan Kilbourn to put the gray team up 14-0. The blue team, not one to give up, continued driving downfield and forced the gray team’s defense to tighten up, but was unable to score before the end of the first half. The gray team started the second half with some trickery,recovering Andrew Eastep’s onside kick. The blue team’s defense played well to start the second half and the gray team turned the ball over on downs. The blue team once again began driving the ball down the field when Kyle Klunk intercepted a pass and took it to the house to put the gray team up 21-0. The blue team’s Benaiah Tucci was not going to let him team quit; he and Zach Zukauckas made some key catches in the second half to keep the gray team’s defense on its toes. However, in the end, Joel Long intercepted a pass and the gray team ran out the clock and the hopes of the blue team’s comeback. Walton said his team had a great time and challenges the gray team if they are up for an encore. Thanks go out to Bobby Lynn and Brian Jackson for refereeing the game, to Josh Bengal for running the clock, and to Andy Bohn and Keith Scheib for working the chains. The Homecoming Powder Puff Football game is at 6 p.m. Friday night. ( Photos by Jeremy R. Bottorf, intramural assistant)

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