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Finders, Keepers (With Sour Cream on the Side)

'Chef Sam' served up lunch for (from left), students Samantha L. Kelly, Ashland; Kelley N. O'Keefe, Mashpee, Mass.; and Nicholas A. Tanner, South Williamsport The scrumptious taste of successSamuel A. Morgante, Dining Services’ executive chef, brought his moveable feast to the Madigan Library on Thursday the latest stop in a series of “Where on Campus Is Chef Sam?” puzzlers. As tantalized by free food as they are tempted by clues on Facebook and digital campus signboards, players decipher the hints to ascertain the secret location and claim their tasty reward. This week’s treat? Nachos. Among the clues? “It’s crunch time, get ready for the end of the semester.” Photos by Whitnie-rae Mays, student photographer

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