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Feed the Pig Help ‘Change’ the Future at Penn College

Feed the Pig campaign aims to boost Student Leader Legacy Scholarship Fund.The Student Government Association is asking students and the entire Pennsylvania College of Technology community to help “change” the future by dropping loose coins in the piggy bank at the Student Activities Desk located in the Bush Campus Center or at the weekly SGA meetings in Penn’s Inn. A little bit from a lot of students will go a long way toward helpingchange the future by providing more scholarship awards! All of thatchange will go toward SGA’s goal of raising $2,500 this year for the Student Leader Legacy Scholarship Fund.

Find it. Follow it. Feed it. Feed the Pig!

Departments Thanked SGA extends a big “Thank you” to two departments of the college: Madigan Library and the Office of Institutional Advancement. Lisette Ormsbee, library director, and Assistant Director Matthew David spoke to students at the most recent SGA Senate meeting. They engaged the audience with fun facts about the library, upcoming programs and possible plans for the future. Toward the end of the discussion, both assured students that, if they had any questions, to feel free to ask them. The two made themselves very open and approachable and the students seemed to really appreciate the atmosphere created at the meeting.

SGA says, 'Thank you.'The second officethat deserves a big “high five” is Institutional Advancement. Jim Finkler has worked very closely with the SGA Executive Board with getting the new fundraising initiative for the Student Leader Legacy Scholarship Fund under way.Finkler explained to students the mission of Institutional Advancement and what the office does for students. After a round a of questions regarding the department, students quickly learned thatFinkler had a lot to teach them about his office. He then gave some important information regarding his department and helped SGA reveal the Feed The Pig fundraiser.

SGA also thanks every faculty member and administrator for their hard work and devotionto helping students. Many departments already this year have had a hand in assisting so many students and helping better their college career. Again, thank you!

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