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Faculty Member Receives ‘Best Paper’ Honor at International Conference

Asesh K. DasAsesh K. Das, professor of computer science at Pennsylvania College of Technology, recently participated in the Ninth World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics in Orlando, Fla.

His paper, “Unstructured Document Management With a Possibility Theory of Ontology Capture,” was named the best in its category at the July 10-13 conference. It is known that Internet-based communication is the main source of unstructured documents, and 80 percent of current corporate information remain unstructured (its origin, purpose and usability cannot be accounted for). Among many business organizations, Das noted, IBM and Microsoft have taken lead roles in unstructured-document management.

In his paper, he explored how “possibility theories” can be applied in document classification, and how such classification can bring structured and unstructured documents and information into the same platform.

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