Faculty Member, Caterpillar Dealers Honored for Commitment

The long-standing relationship between Caterpillar Inc. and Pennsylvania College of Technology was accentuated in recent award presentations on campus: An instructor of diesel equipment technology was honored for his dedication, and two CAT representatives were celebrated for two decades of grant-funded assistance to students and faculty.

Chris S. Weaver, a faculty member in the School of Transportation & Natural Resources Technologies, was presented the Pathfinder to Excellence Faculty Award earlier this month during an advisory meeting of Caterpillar officials and dealers at the college’s Thompson Professional Development Center.

At that same meeting, representatives of Ransome CAT and Alban Tractor Co. Inc. were given plaques marking “20 years of participation in the Caterpillar Excellence Fund grant to provide student scholarships, instructional materials, technical equipment, curriculum development and faculty development funds in support of the diesel equipment technology programs.”

Chris S. Weaver (left), an instructor of diesel equipment technology at Penn College, accepts a plaque and congratulations from past recipient Justin W. Beishline, assistant dean of transportation and natural resources technologies.

Weaver has 13 years’ industry experience and holds a certificate and two degrees from Penn College.

“It is always impressive to see what the heavy equipment students accomplish in Mr. Weaver’s courses, from completely removing and rebuilding heavy equipment track systems to complex transmission rebuilds,” said Justin W. Beishline, assistant dean of transportation and natural resources technologies, who was awarded Pathfinder honors as a faculty member five years ago. “He seems to find a nice mix between fostering strong technician skills and professionalism, while making the courses exciting.”

Presented since 2003, the Pathfinder award recognizes a faculty member who “develops effective teaching techniques, enhances learning materials, demonstrates a keen sensitivity to student needs and maintains high academic standards.” Weaver received a commemorative plaque and a cash award, made possible by matching contributions from the Caterpillar Foundation and consortium dealers.

“Mr. Weaver will work with students to understand what professional standards are expected within a job, and help (them) understand why some tasks are performed while completing that job,” a nominator wrote. “Whether these professional standards may be keeping a shop floor and work area clean, or ensuring a product is assembled correctly down to the last bolt and to the correct torque specifications, his guidance is helpful (in) promoting high professional standards inside and outside of the classroom.”

Brett A. Reasner, dean of transportation and natural resources technologies, presents 20-year participation honors to Ron Garber, of Ransome CAT ...

... and Alban Tractor Co. Inc.'s Karl Quinn.

Two longtime friends of the college accepted the dealership awards: Ransome’s Ron Garber, regional brand operations manager, and Alban’s Karl Quinn, regional training center manager.

“Ron and Karl have been strong supporters of our Caterpillar major and Penn College,” said Brett A. Reasner, dean of transportation and natural resources technologies. “Their industry expertise is a valuable contribution to our programs, and we appreciate their input.”

As they have been for many years, both were on hand for the following day’s Career Fair at the college; they also serve on the school’s Heavy Construction: Caterpillar Equipment Emphasis Advisory Committee, helping review curricular proposals, suggesting program enhancement and securing beneficial equipment donations.

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Congratulations, Chris!

Posted by Carol Lugg at November 8, 2016 at 3:48 pm

Congratulations, Chris!

Posted by Kim Shipman at November 9, 2016 at 8:02 am

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